Photographer Alex Abate has been in love with Florida’s wilder side since he first came here in 1979 to study marine biology at the University of Miami. His favorite place to shoot is Everglades National Park and with the dawn of good high-resolution digital photography, he’s been able to experiment with a variety of shooting techniques and equipment. “My dad was a photographer when I was growing up. I spent a lot of time watching him work and photography has always been part of my life. So has nature, and I knew from an early age that I wanted to work with both nature and photography. Here in Florida, the wonders of the wild are all around us. I am happy to be able to capture some of the beauty that is out there waiting to be discovered.”

Spending most of his time at Shark Valley and on the Anhinga Trail, Alex enjoys shooting pictures of the many colorful birds and insects. His images capture the stunning brilliance of birds, butterflies, and dragonflies, many while in flight. “My nemesis is a mating pair of red-shouldered hawks which nest every year near the visitor center at Shark Valley. Whenever I’m there I keep an eye out as well as my ears open for any sign of these birds. I like to catch them bringing building material to the nest, or prey to the young chicks, but they often fly in or out without making any noise. Aside from the hawks, I photograph egrets, herons, anhinga, cormorants, storks, gallinules, and just about any kind of bird that wanders within range.”

I attempt to bring to my photography the feeling of looking at the world for the first time, seeing the wonder & beauty of the world as if for the very first time.